The Things We’ve Made In Digital Marketing

We’ll Make
Your Digital Marketing More Efficient

Boonze helps SMBs, large companies, and in-house marketing teams manage their digital marketing campaigns. Through our 15-year history in digital marketing, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some remarkable clients to produce some truly amazing work that we are proud to have been a part of.

B2B Online Directories

Directories that connect industrial businesses with suppliers of the commercial products that they need. Client revenue is based on visitors clicking out of the directory to the advertisers’ websites. Each category / listing may have different revenue (to the client) per click to the advertiser’s website. Thus extensive and frequent optimizations of keywords and ad copy are required to maintain client profitability.

B2C Online Directories

Directories that connect businesses to customers in the entertainment, home services, and other industries. Client revenue is based on viewing the merchant landing page. Our clients offer “Click Packages'' to advertisers - a given number of clicks for a given amount of money. The Objective of the campaign is to generate quality clicks based on the click package and minimizing the spend. Campaign performance, and fees, are based on the ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of the program. Keyword and ad copy can be customized to each advertiser or optimized on a per-category basis.

Real Estate Aggregators

Directories that showcase homes for sale from home builders and realtors. Client revenue is based on landing page visits. Keywords and ad copies are regularly optimized on a per-category (e.g., homes for sale, apartments for rent) basis. This increases the number of landing page visits for the given budget.

New and Used Car Dealers. Independent and OEM

An integrated solution that enables vehicle sellers to list and promote their current inventory of new or used vehicles, parts, and services. Client revenue is based on landing page visits. Keywords and ad copy are generated automatically based on the dealer’s current inventory.

Widgets & Toolbar Extensions

For 10+ years Boonze has delivered performance-oriented campaigns for online greeting card, browser extension, and widget providers. Client revenue is based on the both initial installations as well as ongoing usage. The objective of one previous campaign was to generate 100+ downloads per day within a predefined cost per download. We adopted a portfolio campaign management strategy, where each campaign was optimized individually, but with the goal of meeting the overall objective. All the optimizations (bid changes, pausing / adding keywords, changing ad copy) were performed manually to achieve the desired results, which we did.

Educational Institutes

Both online and offline. Client revenue is based either on signups or end enrolments. Thus extensive optimization is performed on a customized basis for the specific needs of each particular college, university, or aggregator. We work tirelessly to maximize the number of signups within the given budget.