How to get your visitors attention?

In online marketplace you have only few seconds to make an impact and attract any potential customers to your website. Site design should be elegant, affordable and easy to navigate and, above all, easy to find in search engines. A website to make initial impressions requires it to have good layout, clear graphics and legible text. The rules of good web page design (especially in a business sense) are geared towards making it easy for visitors and potential customers to access your information and buy your products with ease.

Looking good is one thing, but looks alone won't guarantee the success of your site. A website must provide the right type of functionality for the widest possible audience. Speed is vitally important if a website is to avoid potential customers from clicking exit button. When we design any website, we optimize all imagery, code and graphics for the fastest possible download speeds, so as to ensure that potential visitors obtain the information they want as quickly as possible.

We at Boonze, know from experience that if a website is to be success then it must be capable of meeting certain criteria. We use a simple but effective formula to ensure that our websites have the greatest chance of attracting new business.

Basically it's all about helping customers find your website and business.

Our web development process is as follows:

Some of the main characteristics we aim for when designing a web site are:

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